Nancy Furbee
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Kara Rutowski
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Nancy has provided great insight and tools I have been able to use on a daily basis, and continue to use as I transition from a corporate role to owning my own consulting business. I was fortunate to be a part of a year-long leadership program she facilitated at my former employer. Not only did she provide great topics, but helped me to really understand how I work versus how my colleagues work, and how to make those business relationships successful. She has been a very valuable resource, not only in my corporate role, but during my transition and beyond!

Tamara Brownfield
President, Atlas Compensation Partners, LLC

When we needed creative and energetic staff development – we called Nancy Furbee! Having experienced her interactive, educational approach to the DiSC inventory previously, we knew that our employees would respond and learn from Nancy. She has a talent that can’t be bottled – it’s pure magic! We learned from her examples, and enjoyed the entire process. Months later, our staff still talks about integrating their understanding of the DiSC profiles, and the creative teamwork has exploded since our staff development day. The investment in our employees paid off, and we can’t wait to have Nancy back for another program!

Lori Vish Stearns, M.Ed.
Executive Director
Keystone Wellness Programs

Nancy is a wonderful career coach and has helped in each step throughout the job transition journey. Early on, she provided fundamental resume critiquing and guidance on how to effectively use LinkedIn. Although she reminded me that this was my search and I had to do the heavy lifting, she provided extensive encouragement and was resourceful by offering insight to HR department thinking and approach to candidate review. She effectively used ‘tough love’ each step along the way and I always knew she sincerely cared for me and only wanted the best result. Finally, she offered a great life lesson – as we leverage our networks (and those of others), Nancy reminded me that as we ask for the help of others, take the time to ask how we can help them as well. She gave me this gentle reminder that this journey is on a two-way street.

Michael J. Kulmoski Jr., CPA
Finance Consultant