Leadership Development

Untitled design (3)Nancy Furbee’s Leadership Development Programs provide high potential employees with the tools and skills they need to succeed in their growing careers. Graduates emerge as better leaders with a strong awareness of their personal strengths. They are often viewed as strong leaders and strong team creators in their organizations.

After the Leadership Development Experience:

  • Teams will have a common language to help improve communication and work results.
  • Workplace conflict and misunderstandings will be reduced.
  • Team interactions and difficult conversation will flow easier.
  • Individuals will be better be able to understand people that are different from themselves.
  • Participants will have the tools to temporarily adjust their behavioral style in a manner which helps them better interact with others.

In the internationally recognized leadership programs offered by Nancy; she provides an immersive learning experience to leaders at all levels and disciplines within an organization. When graduates emerge from her year-long session, they often remark that they have a new framework around innovation and change, leadership, coaching and team development. Nancy’s education and background positions her as a master facilitator when dealing with management and leadership issues at all levels.