Executive Coaching

Nancy considers executive coaching to be an extension of her leadership development programs. She can work one-on-one or work with the entire executive team to develop stronger communication skills, solve workplace issues and support career growth. Nancy can help you help yourself!

Nancy coaches on a number of topics, including; leadership development, presentation skills, leading successful meetings and delivering tough messages. She realizes that it is lonely at the top and acts as a confidential adviser while discussing leadership challenges.

The DiSC™ program for executive coaching often includes the managerial DiSC™ report. Nancy walks her executives through their:

  • management priorities
  • managerial preferences
  • directing and delegating style
  • motivational style
  • how to develop others

In addition, the report discusses how others view your management style – this can be helpful when reporting to a CEO, an executive or a board of directors.

Nancy’s unique approach to coaching is not a series of coaching sessions, but access to an experienced confidante to guide you through real world situations.  You drive the agenda … and she’ll support you at every turn, 24/7.  Her clients are often surprised with the skills and new-found confidence they gain as they manage challenges they would never have dreamed of successfully handling before. Poof, the magic happens!