People are complex and DiSC helps you understand their differences.

How do we work together?

Internationally Acclaimed 4-Hour DiSC Workshop

Nancy Furbee’s DiSC™ classes are fast-paced, fun and insightful programs. In her introductory 4-hour DiSC™ class, participants walk away with a better understanding of their own personality style, the styles of their work team and how to read other people. Graduates often remark that the information that they learned applies to both their personal and professional lives.

After DiSC™ training:

  • Teams will have a common language to help improve communication and work results.
  • Workplace conflict and misunderstandings will be reduced.
  • Team interactions and difficult conversation will flow easier.
  • Individuals will be better be able to understand people that are different from themselves.
  • Participants will have the tools to temporarily adjust their behavioral style in a manner which helps them better interact with others.

In the advanced DiSC™ programs offered by Nancy, she works with her clients to customize the agenda based on organizational needs. She often introduces topics which include; DiSC™ based group culture, adjusting your behavioral style, 360 reviews and communication skills. As an experienced facilitator with a diverse background, Nancy is able to encourage group interaction and work through team issues (ie, the elephant in the room).