How the magic works!

When it comes to team work, it can’t be an illusion – the magic has to be real!

Internationally renowned leadership coach Nancy Furbee
Internationally renowned leadership coach Nancy Furbee

Nancy Furbee provides a common language through her DiSC™ workshops and communication programs that creates an understanding of cultural and interpersonal issues; allowing a better team dynamic to emerge. Her custom programs are fun, educational and allow individuals to bond within their team unit. Once your team’s talent is focused, then the magic of great teamwork begins.

How do we work together?

Nancy Furbee’s internationally known DiSC™ workshop helps co-workers understand differences between team members; identifying their strengths and weaknesses so that they can work together more effectively. In her introductory 4-hour DiSC™ class, participants walk away with a better understanding of their own personality style, the styles of those on their work team and how to read other people. Topics can include DiSC based group culture, adjusting your behavioral style, 360 reviews and communication skills. This fast-paced, fun and insightful program has been well-received by even the most jaded office professionals.

Team Magic

Does your team need a new framework around innovation and change? When graduates emerge from Nancy’s year-long leadership training sessions, they often remark on how their new skills have positively changed their leadership, coaching and team development skills. Nancy’s background positions her as a master facilitator when dealing with management and leadership issues at all levels. She is not afraid to address the elephant in the room.

Executive Magic

Nancy coaches on a number of topics, including; leadership development, presentation skills, leading successful meetings and delivering tough messages. She realizes that it is lonely at the top and acts as a confidential adviser while discussing leadership issues. A DiSC™ behavioral assessment, working on personal accountability and developing team dynamics are all a part of making the magic happen.

Bringing the Magic To You

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